College football realignment causing chaos for NCAA

College Football Realignment how it is causing chaos for NCAA

Graphic By Nate Reinfurt

College Football Realignment how it is causing chaos for NCAA

by Nate Reinfurt, Reporter

With the news of Oklahoma and Texas joining the SEC this has college football being shaken to its core once again. Not only does the power balance in college football shift towards Power 5 schools even more, it is certain to cause Group of 5 schools to panic as its top schools like Cincinnati and UCF join the Big 12 to help replace Oklahoma and Texas.

Now what does this mean?

First, it means It means Group of 5 schools are now in a chase to get into either the Pac 12, ACC, Big 10, SEC or Big 12.

Second, it means The Big 12 with Texas and Oklahoma leaving causes a chain reaction with other members like Iowa State and Kansas potentially leaving. Presumably to the Big 10 due to Iowa State’s rivalry with Iowa and with Kansas being dominant in basketball. They make Texas and Oklahoma seem a little bit better by adding UCF, BYU, Houston, and Cincinnati which is a result from the Chain Reactions

Third, it means  The Pac 12, ACC, Big Ten, and SEC might want to take members from the Big 10 and that would screw them over completely as a conference which could result in the conference dissolving(If Iowa State and Kansas want out.

Fourth, it means less parity in college football which will overall mean less fun for smaller schools to make a big impact.

Overall with this realignment there are positives and negatives ,but I do believe this is for the better as college football is now more than ever leaning towards actually doing what the public wants rather than what no one wants.

However with the recent developments of them adding members, they may be able to still be a Power 5 school however we don’t know if they will be able to keep up with the other Power 5 conferences which will be determined.  At this moment it is not looking good for the Big 12.