Lancer Spotlight: Miller & Heister ‘post’ a better year for the Class of 2021

“Follow you arrow.”


No senior year, no prom, a limited graduation. The pandemic is putting a damper on the Class of 2021’s plan but Senior Counsel members, Morgan Miller (President) and Carolina Heister still are finding ways to celebrate. 

In the month of February, the seniors of Linganore all received notifications for a follow request on Instagram. This would lead to a post from @lhs2021andon asking all seniors to “SEND US YOUR INFO!!!” Seniors would direct message the account with pictures, quotes, and bios about their plans for next year. 

First Instagram post from @lhs2021andon telling students to “SEND US YOUR INFO! Add any other information you want, with any pictures you want to go along with!!! Thanks seniors!!!

“As Class President I felt it was my obligation for seniors to get recognized. We missed a lot and I wanted to take action. With COVID, people seemed less excited about college. I just really wanted to recognize the seniors,” said Morgan Miller. 

Along with Miller’s passion to recognize the seniors, the plan came from a friendly voice. 

“I reached out to Morgan to start the account because I felt disconnected with my peers about where they are going to college, if they are taking the military route. Morgan is the Class President and is very creative so I knew I wanted to enlist her to help me run the page,” said Heister. 

Even though Heister and Miller have set up a form of communication and celebration for seniors, it’s still easy to remember the year they will never get. 

“It definitely sucks to not have a ‘SENIOR YEAR’.  I always think about how I would have treated the last football game, the last homecoming, last late night session before big tests. I would do anything to relive those moments. It’s scary thinking about how I’m going off to college next year yet I still feel stuck in junior year,” said Hesiter. 

Despite the sadness from a unfilled senior year, students are still optimistic about what the future holds.

During the first semester, it was hard to cope with. It seemed like it would never end. Now approaching the final stretch I feel more confident going back. There was a lot of sadness and lack of motivation. I think that out of all the classes in the century we have dealt with the most disappointment. We are forced to accept things. Things aren’t always going to go our way. Previous students have taken for granted school,” said Miller. “But this year shows that sports, extracurriculars etc are privileges that we took for granted. Now we are more appreciative of the opportunities we get and. Excited for college and think there are more opportunities!”

With two more months left for the seniors, many have their fall plans set in motion. 

Miller plans to attend West Virginia University and major in exercise physiology. 

“I plan on joining a sorority and possibly getting involved in student government at the college level. I want to start a fitness blog and continue to do activities around the campus,” said Miller. 

Partner in creating the page, Heister plans to attend Kent State University in Ohio. 

“I will be studying fashion merchandising and minoring in small business management. Kent State is in the top 5 fashion merchandising schools in the nation besides art institutions and I am beyond excited to be a ‘Golden Flash’. I’ll still miss Linganore with my whole heart! Roll Tribe forever!!” said Heister. 

Senior, Lindsey Green featured on the Instagram page plans to attend FCC and major in Elementary Education.

While in the spirit of celebration, here are a few other seniors and their plans for next year. 

As graduation approached Miller has big plans to celebrate the final moment.

“I am hoping to be able to speak at graduation and continue fundraising and have a senior class gift for the school.  I also want to remain being a good role model to the other classes. Linganore is full of school spirit and I don’t want it to be lost through Covid,” said Miller. 

The Class of 2021 will continue to take the bad and produce the good. Senior year or not, the last 3 years were memorable enough for a lifetime. 

To submit pictures and information for plans for the fall, visit the Instagram Account: @lhs2021andon.