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The student news site of Linganore High School

The Lance

The student news site of Linganore High School

The Lance

Long-term substitute Jacob McCrary reads a story to his French 1 students to help with reading comprehension.

Long-term substitutes: the academic heroes of Covid-19

by Evelyn Stewart, Reporter October 12, 2021

In elementary school, we all celebrated every time we saw a substitute at the front of the classroom, anticipating a day with far less work and much more fun.  Sophomore Lily Benco remembers one of...

Freshman Kasra Pourreza Djourshari poses for his yearbook photo.

Lancer Spotlight 10/11/21: Hectic picture day causes confusion

by Leeda Djourshari and Alexa Waser October 12, 2021

  This year’s picture day had long lines, as students were taking their first official identification in 18 months. With Covid and time management issues lingering, there were a fresh set of...

Shown above is the health metrics board of Frederick County. This board is updated every seven days.

Simple (but unpopular) solutions to solve the increase in Covid exposure at FCPS

by Madeline Hull and Caroline Hobson October 5, 2021

We see what really happens in the halls of FCPS schools.  We can see what FCPS has done in the past and what they are doing now to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and while we love being back in school,...

The Linganore Marching band gets ready to march down to the stadium before the first football game of the season.

2025: The day the music dies?

by Mia Lucas and Lily Hanson October 4, 2021

On fall Friday nights, a flood of musicians in black and red with plumed shakos (hats) bustle around the performing arts wing in preparation for a football game. Later, the band marches in rhythm to the...

Peyton MacAnanny, Maya Soisson and Chloe Kim converse during their new lunch shift

Lancer Spotlight 9/13/21: Lunch shifts change as a safety precaution

by Ruby Cerny, Editor September 13, 2021

On September 8, the lunch shifts changed in an effort to reduce the risk of students contracting Covid-19 as well as to reduce the long lunch lines.  Instead of three lunch shifts, there will now be...

Covid summer part 2: Everyone gets out of town

Covid summer part 2: Everyone gets out of town

by Brynne McKinney, Reporter June 15, 2021

Although it’s nice people are finally able to go places again, gas prices, car rentals and airline tickets are all skyrocketing in price. Since there is a high demand for traveling, airlines, hotels,...

The pharmacy at Safeway in Mount Airy, Covid-19 vaccination area.

My experience with the Covid-19 Vaccine: It’s worth it!

by Emily McNally, Managing Editor May 23, 2021

At first I was scared, hearing all the rumors and lies about the one thing that is supposed to solve most of the world's problems. It was frightening and definitely alarming.  Why is getting a vaccine...

Sammie Hoefs gets excited thinking about graduating on the same field her dad did years ago.

A COVID guideline graduation could potentially bring back old school traditions

by Sammie Hoefs, Editor-in-Chief May 20, 2021

With mere days before graduation, all eyes are on seniors. Many of us feared the loss of an in-person graduation after the Class of 2020 had to make appointments one by one to have photos taken in the...

Hanlon holds the school doors open for students in the mornings.

School Principal’s Day 2021: Hanlon marks first year leading LHS

by Nikki Golemboski and Alex Dembeck May 19, 2021

The click of Principal Cindy Hanlon’s heels as she confidently moves through the hallways is becoming a familiar and identifiable sound to teachers and students, as they get to know her better beyond...

For the first time in a year, yellow buses are a frequent sight in front of the school.

Virtual no more: Linganore adds more in-person students in Term 4

by Jackson Henry, Reporter May 3, 2021

Who would have guessed that students  actually WANT to go to school? FCPS offered all parents and students the opportunity to change their virtual status for Term 4. Some students returned to school...

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