Lancer Spotlight 9/9/21: Publishing gets candid with the process of creating the 2022 yearbook


Madeline Hull

Seniors Georgia Enos and Alexis Simmerman work together on the layout of the upcoming 2022 yearbook.

by Madeline Hull, Editor In Chief

A “normal” Publishing, unofficially named, Yearbook, class period begins in PREP. Due to how small the class is with only six students, and computer graphics teacher, Tracy Bozzonetti, it doesn’t feel much like a “class.”  The students are more of a team on a mission.

All of the staff  know what they need to get done. Even if there is someone who isn’t quite sure what they are doing, they work together to review and learn.

All the editors are assigned at the beginning of the year to a specific topic like Sports, Vacations, Mission Trips.

Editor in Chief Georgia Enos, Abbey Sovero, Amanda Kinsley, Emma Practchios, Catherine Bowers and Alexis Simmerman, creativity is a necessity.

Most of the ideas come from the staff. In order to get inspiration, sometimes they look at other yearbooks from different schools, and look at yearbook websites online. There is even a Yearbook camp. Senior Georgia Enos attended the most recent Yearbook Camp.

“I was a little nervous at the beginning of camp but as the time went on I was able to learn so many new things and find new ways to build a successful yearbook,” said Enos.

Due to Covid-19, the most recent addition of the Linganore yearbook was created, designed and put together primarily online.

Working on the yearbook, virtually, was difficult to say the least due to editing on school provided chromebooks and not having resources readily available. However, not everything was terrible.

“We had our yearbook company, Herff Jones, handle more things than in the past years. They did all the baby advertisements, they will actually be handling them again this year,” said Bozzonetti.

Herff Jones was also able to take charge of all the sales, which took a huge weight off  of Mrs. Bozzonetti and the rest of the staff.

Students from the last academic year may remember seeing all the flyers and emails promoting the Yearbooks’ need for pictures with instructions for submitting photos using the EShare app.

The EShare application allows the ability to browse and share files, videos and photos quickly and easily. The application is only available for use on an Android or iOS device.

The EShare app allowed for students and their families to send in more personal photos of themselves, vacations, pets, community events. With the help of the EShare app, Yearbook was able to get photos in order to create collages of students’ memories.

Collages are not necessarily “good yearbook journalism” but it’s fun and exciting, the staff explained.

In the past, most photos were taken by the Yearbook staff, taking them away from precious class time.

“I just didn’t like being virtual,” said Abbey Sovero. All the students present in the class agreed with that statement while sharing a light heartening laugh.

Senior Alexis Simmerman agreed, but enjoyed certain aspects of working on the Yearbook virtually.

“I personally struggle with a lot of social anxiety and being able to send a message to a student or teacher virtually was so much easier than trying to track them down and talk to them in person. There was never a time I was giddey to go talk to someone,” said Simmerman.

The main goal for the upcoming yearbooks is to record the school year. In a way it’s a historical document.

“This is our school year so we need to make it relevant and not too generic. That’s something we struggle with,” said Enos.

For anyone who wants to get involved by taking pictures and other tasks, Yearbook club will be open for anyone interested to join. Meetings will be held  frequently each month.

Information for the 2022 Yearbook Sales:

All yearbooks must be ordered through

Use reference number 4625, to find Linganore High.

PTSA Discount–$50–Aug 12-Sept 6–MUST USE THE PTSA CODE to receive the discount.

Back To School Discount $55– Aug 12 through Sept 6.

Regular Price $70.00– Sept 7 through March 30, 2022

Information for the 2022 Senior Baby Advertisement Sales:

This year yearbook will be selling baby advertisements for the senior class through Herff Jones yearbook order website. Parents can build their own baby ad online through starting August 23, 2021. Use reference number 4625. Families should receive a mailer from Herff Jones with all directions.

An Early Bird discount will also be offered to encourage parents to order their baby ads sooner than later. The Early Bird Discount by SEPT 24 costs:

Full page: $180  Half page: $110  Quarter page: $70   Eighth Page: $40

Pricing AFTER SEPT 24 or until space runs out:

Full page: $250  Half page: $150  Quarter page: $90   Eighth Page: $60


All yearbooks must be ordered directly through Herff Jones. Seniors must order before January 30, 2022 if they want to have their name printed on the cover. Pre-Orders will NOT be accepted AFTER March 30, 2022. Extra yearbooks will be available at the end of the year to purchase for $85.

Email Mrs. Bozzonetti with any questions relating to the 2022 yearbook.