Lancer Spotlight 9/28/21: Big Aspirations: Junior Ella Pritchett set to graduate college two years early


courtesy of Ella Pritchett

Ella Pritchett in her class meeting for English 101, in the FCC media center.

by Alexa Waser and Leeda Djourshari

Ella Pritchett is one of two Linganore students enrolled in the early college program. This program started in 2020 to give High School students the opportunity to earn their associates degree while in High School and at a discount.

This was Pritchett’s main reason for taking part in the program. “I wanted to get my degree faster so I could get on with life and travel,” she said.

The students in the early college program are taking their classes on the FCC campus, and by working beside college students, the program allows high school students to emerge into college experience without feeling excluded.

Pritchett heard about this program during her freshman year at an assembly. She then did more research in January 2021. After taking the accuplacer test and getting a great score, then she submitted her application, had an interview in March, and got her acceptance letter May 28, 2021.

Pritchett said, “I like how college is in general. It’s more laid back and classes are personalized so I enjoy it more, I also have more free time.” Her enjoyable schedule consists of Introduction to Film, English 101, Introduction to Mass Communications, and Digital Video Production. As the only film major in the program, her favorite class is Digital Video Production because it is hands-on experience that teaches students to direct, edit, and film. She feels as though it is very professional and realistic.

If any Sophomores are interested in the program, you can check out the links here to find information about applying  and the application.