Lancer Spotlight 10/8/21: “Grammar Wednesday”


Courtesy of Mr. Norko

Going left to right, Brian Blum, Greg Ayres, Reese Wallich, Kaitlin Weis, Grace Booth, Madison Madariaga, Giacomo McCadney and Hunter Davis show off their Grammar Wednesday shirts.

by Ruby Cerny, Editor

Every Wednesday, Mr. Norko teaches his 10th grade students grammar, calling it “Grammar Wednesday.” He even created a song for it where him and his students sing “Grammar Wednesday” to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony

Despite his several years doing grammar Wednesday, he has never experienced the kind of support his class of 2024 has given him. Every week when grammar Wednesday rolled around, his students would happily belt the grammar Wednesday song with him.

Last Wednesday, eight of Mr. Norko’s 10th Grade English Mr. Norko by showing up to class wearing shirts that said “Grammar Wednesday Choir.” 

The inspiration behind the shirts was actually quite random. Grace Booth, a student in his 10th grade English class said, “We had a group chat with some of the people in our English class and one day we were joking around saying we should make shirts and then we decided to actually do it.”

Funnily enough, this is not the first time this has happened in his many years of teaching. Mr. Norko said, “This is actually not the only time shirts have been made!  But it’s the latest and greatest version.”

Booth said, “I think what inspired us all to make the shirts was that we always enjoyed grammar Wednesday. Mr. Norko always worked super hard to make it fun and we just wanted to do a nice surprise to show him we appreciate him.”