Lancer Spotlight 10/4/21: Jon Pardi and Drew Parker at the great Frederick fair


Brynne McKinney

Jon Pardi performs at the Great Frederick Fair.

by Brynne McKinney, Editor

On September 25, Jon Pardi and Drew Parker took the stage at the Great Frederick Fair, with Parker as the opener. Pardi, who won Country Music New Artist of the year in 2017, has three albums and several chart-topping singles.

Parker, a young musician from Georgia, sang some of his own music and covers as well. He also talked about his life and how he became a musician.

“I think Drew Parker was a good opener, he sang some cover songs which got the crowd into it and then sang a few of his own [songs],” said senior Aubrey Beale.

Parker sang cover songs that he helped write for Jake Owen, “Homemade.” and Luke Combs, “Forever After All.” After about a half hour of his performance it was finally time for Pardi to take stage.

Pardi did an amazing job at the Great Frederick Fair, Pardi performed many popular songs including “Night Shift,” “Heartache Medication,” “Heartache on the dance floor,” “Ain’t always the cowboy,” “Tequila time,” and even added a little fun with an Elvis Presley impe

Aubrey Beale and Ethan Blake at the Jon Pardi Concert (Hannah Ponce)


“My favorite Jon Pardi song is “Ain’t always the cowboy,” said Beale.

That was definitely a crowd favorite, that and “NightShift.” Both had the crowd screaming, dancing, and singing. A little later on in the show Pardi brought out  a little boy named Mason to come on stage. Him and Mason then sang “Beer can’t fix” which was absolutely hilarious hearing a little boy about 8 or 9 years old yelling “ain’t nothing that a beer can’t fix.”

“I think [Pardi and Parker] did so good entertainment wise, it was such a good atmosphere,” said Beale.

Pardi really had the crowd moving. He had couples and groups dancing all night long. He was talking to the crowd and really getting to know everyone.

Aubrey Beale and Hanna Ponce at the Jon Pardi Concert (Ethan Blake)