Lancer Spotlight 10/27/21: Lancer Band marches their way to first place at the State Championship


Beth Lucas

The Lancer Marching Band performs their show at Towson University. They are pictured executing one move from their visual choreography.

When the marching band is not practicing, performing at football games, or playing stand tunes, they spend their time winning trophies.

Every Saturday, the Lancer Marching Band goes to a competition and performs their show, Cinematic. This year’s show revolves around many well known movie characters and scenes. Many different marching bands attend competitions to show off their skills, perform their show, and hopefully win. 

Typically, the band has 12+ hour days when there is a competition. Their schedule is jam packed with preparation and practice before the big performance. 

The band will usually arrive at school at 8:30 a.m., practice before the competition, take a lunch break, and go to the stadium where the competition is being held. Then, the band will warm up, perform, and watch other bands. Once every band has completed their show, awards are announced and given out to bands. Finally, the band arrives back at Linganore at about 7-11 p.m.

On October 23, the marching band competed in two competitions back to back. This week was the first time in the season that the band did two competitions in a day. Lancer Marching Band director Kevin Lloyd was proud of the performances.

“The band had a long but fun and productive day on Saturday. I’m really proud of how far the kids have come with the show, their professionalism, and the way they represent Linganore High School,” said Lloyd.

The marching band poses for a photo after their outstanding performance at the MMBA State Championships. (Kevin Lloyd)

The first competition they competed at was the US Bands State Championships at Calvert Hall College in Baltimore. The band competed against thirteen other bands and was named the Maryland State Champion in the US Bands competition circuit.

After their performance at Calvert Hall, the band made their way to Towson University for the MMBA State Championships. They competed against thirty-six other marching bands from Maryland. The band finished with a score of 88.00–their highest score of the season.

Senior drum major Lindsay Toothaker is also pleased with the band and what they have accomplished so far this season. 

“For being a young band with two classes of new marchers, I’ve been really impressed with the work ethic and the amount of improvement since day one of band camp,” said Toothaker. “A lot of kids have really stepped up and are becoming some of the better players and marchers of the band,”

The Lancer Marching Band will be hosting the last regular season MMBA competition on October 30. 

Follow along with the band at and come support the Lancer Marching Band in the remainder of the season!