Lancer Spotlight 10/25/21: Tutoring offered: Saturday, virtual, after school


Daryn Rowse

Mrs. Cassidy proudly holds up the Linganore tutoring schedule, open for all students who choose to participate.

by Daryn Rowse and Matt Nyandjo

The transition from virtual school to in-person classes has been rough. Students find themselves needing more help than usual, especially since it’s the start of term 2. There are now new tutoring systems that offer 24-hour virtual tutoring as well as in-person tutoring.

Linganore High School has started a tutoring program that helps students online and virtually. This tutoring program occurs after school and in the evening for 45 minute sessions. There are about seventeen courses of tutoring, with 13 teachers available.  To be able to join the tutoring sessions online, you must use the google meet links on the scheduling document.

There are additional tutoring sessions on Saturday morning from 8-10. Mrs. Tracey Cassidy organizes the tutoring sessions with any questions. In order to attend the Saturday tutoring, you must contact Mrs. Cassidy prior to the day via email at [email protected]

Cassidy believes that the switch from online to in-person school has an effect on how many students are joining tutoring at LHS, “People are getting into the swing of things and paying attention and focusing, so they might need reinforcement and additional support on their work,” said Cassidy.

Mrs. Cassidy said, “Last week the tutoring was successful, as there were many students who attended.” 

There as an additional tutoring program created by FCPS starting term two that is online. The program is called Tutor Me, and can be located through Clever Portal. Clever portal is located on the bookmark tab on chromebooks. The program will run 24 hours a day and provide 300 subjects of tutoring. 

Check out the Linganore website if you are interested in the tutoring program.