The future of COVID for students

by Liam Sterling and Keifer Spore

Do you think we will go back to school full time this year?


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In this podcast Liam and Keifer discuss the future of the COVID-19 virus, and what it could mean for students. In this brief, but informative podcast, they cover a few of the many factors that could result in students staying home for school, going back, or maybe there will even be a hybrid system.

One of the topics Liam and Keifer talk about are the plans that our president-elect, Joe Biden has for a COVID-19 combat. Joe Biden seems like he wants to limit our contact, and with plenty of people being content with online school, students may continue to stay home. However, we may see some students who are struggling with online school go into school for more personal learning experiences.

Another one of the things they discuss are the vaccines. Liam and Keifer go into detail about how a vaccine coming out doesn’t guarantee safety. It turns out that young kids are last in line to receive the vaccine, as they are in one of the lowest risk categories unless they have preexisting medical conditions. Kids will likely continue to stay home for now, unless massive amounts of the vaccine are issued out.

The third topic Liam and Keifer talk about was the CDC statistics that were released. They go into detail about how the virus affects people of different age categories and people that have pre-existing health conditions. For instance, younger kids will have a better time recovering from the virus. People with pre-existing health conditions are more likely to be permanently effected by the virus. The elderly are also affected in a way that is worse than others.

The last topic Liam and Keifer talk about is the fact that we are going into winter. They refer to how the colder temperatures affect sicknesses and preserve things in general. The cold air can make viruses linger longer, and can preserve them in your body, which is what makes the warm temperature good for sick people.