From Palestine to Linganore (with many stops along the way): New assistant principal Raeda Zietoon becomes a Lancer!

Linganore أهلا وسهلا بك إلى  “Welcome to Linganore”


Emily McNally

Raeda Zeitoon talks with office secretary Sharon Smith.

by Emily McNally and Maya Apau

Ohio, Israel, California, Germany, and Maryland are influences in the journey that led new assistant principal Raeda Zietoon to join our Tribe. 

Zeitoon is replacing Nancy Boyenton, who retired in February. 

Tracey Cassidy, Literary Specialist describes Zietoon as caring, compassionate, and approachable.  As the ESL Coordinator for Frederick County, Cassidy worked with her frequently.

“Whenever I had a question she would say, ‘Oh just call me on my phone. There’s no such thing as a stupid question.’ She is such a good person,” said Cassidy.

Zietoon was born and raised in Ohio. Then her family moved overseas to the West Bank, Palestine. She resided in there for seven years, where she attended a Quaker school. English was still taught, but Arabic would become her second language.  

A Quaker school is an educational and religious school based on the religion of the Society of Friends (Quakers).

Zietoon moved to California just as she was finishing high school, but her family decided that the warm Cali weather wasn’t for them and they moved to Ohio.

“Lo and behold, we didn’t really like California. I don’t know who doesn’t, but we didn’t,” said Zeitoon.

Zietoon would attend The University of Akron where she would study English and earn her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Not only would Zietoon expand her education, but she would marry her college sweetheart. 

After college, her husband Naseem Zeitoon joined the U.S. Army.  This led to the Zeitoon family’s move to Germany for three years. 

After the move to Germany, they returned to the home base of Ohio where Zietoon would teach at a private school. 

In 2002, she began teaching in Frederick County Public Schools, at Frederick High School

Zeitoon taught English 9 and 10, Modern World History, and Government classes to Advanced English Second Learners. She taught there until 2012. 

Then Zeitoon moved to the Central Office as a Teacher Specialist for the English Language Department. She became the ESL Coordinator in 2015. 

Now, Zeitoon is ready for something a little different. She is excited to be the new assistant principal. 

“I like the building. It’s very nice and clean,” Zeitoon said. “I really like the staff and the students. Ever since I started on January 27th, everybody has been very friendly, kind, and helpful. I’m very excited to be here.”

Although she is still learning about Linganore, Zeitoon’s experience with people from many different countries and cultures is something she would like to develop and share with students and staff.