Lancer Spotlight: Alex Kullgren adds theatre to long list of accomplishments

Kullgren exercises the mind, body. . .and funny bone.

Alex Kullgren found taking a hike

Alex Kullgren found taking a hike

by Mackenzie Berry, Editor

Look no further than the stage… or the track… or Chris Hahn’s classroom… or the library…

Alex Kullgren, member of the Class of 2023, has become immersed in just about every aspect of the Lancer Community. Over the past two years, they have made a strong, and positive impact on many classrooms, activities, and peers. 

“As long as I’ve known Alex,” said Rhiannon Seyfried, Class of 2021, “they’ve been a charismatic presence, and they’ve always had a huge amount of passion for almost everything they do. I think they’re one of the funniest people I know.”

Kullgren often runs through and around the town of New Market, building their track skills.

Kullgren is arguably more known, however, for exercising their brain muscles on the Academic Team, spending countless hours over the past two years in the classroom of Christopher Hahn, buzzing in to answer question after question. 

“My favorite part of the Academic Team is by far the people I get to be around,” said Kullgren.

“The atmosphere of the team is all about having fun and enjoying the learning we get to do,” said Kullgren, “It’s also a lot of fun annoying Mr. Hahn by asking him what he had for breakfast and whether or not we can wear sweater vests.”  Dana Kullgren, Alex’s sister, competed for the team as well.

Kullgren can also be found in Mr. Hahn’s classroom outside of Academic team hours. An aspiring physicist, Kullgren has plans to pursue science beyond high school. 

“My favorite categories in the Academic Team are any math and linguistic-related questions. I enjoy seeing how accurate my wild guesses are in the math questions, and any language questions serve as interesting brain teasers, unlike much of the trivia questions.”

“Alex not only proves to be a capable member of the team,” said Charlotte Moore, Class of 2021. “They are also a major source of laughter and fun at every practice.”

Known for their comedic nature, Kullgren recently entertained hundreds during Linganore’s virtual fall play Help Desk, as the hilariously frustrating, and sock puppet enthusiast, Marcus. 

Kullgren became involved in drama this past fall, in Angela Smithhisler’s  Theatre 1 class.

“Originally, I was just thinking about getting my fine arts credit out of the way,” said Kullgren, “But working with the other actors and learning about theatre has been such a fun experience, and I can’t wait to continue into my upperclassmen years.”

Drama members have welcomed Kullgren with open arms, and busted guts, as their sense of humor follows them in all they do. 

Class of 2021 drama member Madi Tranchitella said, “Alex has an incredible personality and never fails to make the class laugh. They also have amazing acting skills, and work very hard to get into character. They really know how to adapt to any character given, even a sock puppet loving guy.”

Alex has an incredible personality and never fails to make the class laugh.

— Madi Tranchitella

Kullgren is also an active member of the GSA.

“Alex is always the kind of person you can depend on,” said GSA officer Josie Stonestreet. “They always do very well in making people feel comfortable with their inviting behavior. They’re the most amazing club member to have: always dependable, and always has a very understanding and educated outlook.”

After high school, Kullgren plans to attend college majoring in science, most likely physics of astronomy. They also aspire to continue drama-related activities after high school.