by Carson Buck and Evan Gobien

“Impeachment is a waste of time.”

Impeachment at its foremost is a waste of time. It is impeding the ability to govern if impeachment is the only goal. Globally, America is facing more imperious issues such as ISIS fighters in Syria, the buildup of nuclear weapons, and winning a trade war with China. Domestically, we should be focusing on issues like immigration, gun laws, and improving the welfare of our citizens. 

“Is what Trump and Giuliani are doing with the Ukraine an impeachable offense?” 

What Trump and Giuliani did in Ukraine is a felony. However, back in 2018, the Democrats sent a letter to Ukraine threatening to withhold funds if they didn’t fire a prosecutor. The actions taken by Democratic senators is a felony, and why have they not been prosecuted if they’ve committed the same crime? We should hold everyone to the same standards of law no matter what party of beliefs they have.

“How could this impeachment affect the upcoming election?”

Impeachment at this point in time is just a bad idea. The impeachment process is not going to stop Trump from running and winning the next election. Impeachment itself will fire up Republican supporters and make the democrats look like a pro-impeachment party, rather than the progressive platform that they seek. 

“Donald Trump’s presidency so far has been successful.”

We should not impeach Donald Trump because our country is doing well at the moment, as Trump continues to “Make America Great Again.” We are currently at an unemployment rate of 3.5%, a 40-year record low. The Trump administration has taken big steps in combating the heroin epidemic by declaring it a national emergency. Trump imposed tariffs on foreign imports, increasing domestic production and protecting American businesses.  Another achievement was the establishment of a 6th military branch, the Space Force. Overall, the accomplishments of Donald Trump and his progress are something we need as a country.

“The impeachment is politically charged.”

If Trump is impeached, the Democrats still wouldn’t get what they want. The White House would still be controlled by Republicans, and Mike Pence would step in as President. This wouldn’t be beneficial to anyone, especially the Democrats. Even though Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi is not politically motivated, this doesn’t mean everyone else involved in the impeachment isn’t. Democrats have run on campaigns of impeaching Donald Trump, rather than attempting to help U.S. citizens. For example. Maryland House of Representatives Democrat David Trone ran his campaign ads based on the impeachment of Donald Trump. They are only working to oppose laws and legislation rather than to cooperate for the good of the country. Both parties are guilty of this. This includes Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who pledged to block all Democratic legislation.

The issue of impeachment is not for justice; it’s for political gain. Democrats are completely ignoring issues like the trade war, ISIS fighting in Syria, increasing inflation, and peace agreements with North and South Korea. In 2012, Republicans tried to build up an impeachment movement similar to the current one. Republicans were trying to impeach Obama for his administrative role in the Benghazi cover up scandal.  Republicans began to grasp for straws, such as the Birther Movement and the White House bathroom scandal. 

Ninety-five percent of Democrats have openly supported impeachment, showing that they are unified in making impeachment their plan.


There are no guarantees for anything. No one knows what will happen in the future. No one knows what else may be revealed. Every single person is entitled to an individual opinion, and their opinion can never be wrong. Party affiliation should never keep a person from having their own opinion.