Ryan Mondonedo takes in the role as The Father of Country Music

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One of the 12 contestants, Ryan Mondonedo is portraying Jimmy Charles Rodgers, at the 2019 Mr. Linganore contest. Rodgers was the first country singer in the United States and is known for the song Blue Yodel. Mondonedo will be escorted by Maggie McCrossin.

“I chose Jimmy Charles Rodgers because I love country music, and I play guitar. Listening to him gives me motivation, and he is a role model,” Mondonedo said.

The preliminary competitions will stir up interest for Mondonedo. 

“I’m most excited about the talent act so that I can play the guitar. I may sound bad, but I’m just happy to play the guitar and have fun with it,” Mondonedo said.

Mondonedo has spoken about the importance of FFA at the Maiford State Capital. He was apart of the Bass Fishing Club. He is confident when speaking to crowds.

Outside of school, Ryan is involved in competitive shooting and martial arts.

“I love Linganore. I love going to the football games, and I love being a part of this school. Being a contestant of Mr. Linganore has been my dream since freshman year,” Mondonedo said.

“Ryan’s enthusiasm and passion for agriculture and helping others are a huge part as to why he’s a good FFA advisor,” Patricia Beachy said.

He plans to apply to be a State FFA officer and work with Maryland agriculture for one year toward a business degree or agriculture degree.  He also wants to join the military.

“Ryan has always gotten along with all types of personalities, and he’s a good leader” Mrs. Beachy said.

Mondonedo’s escort, Maggie McCrossin has known him since the beginning of high school. They’ve been practicing  for the competitions and think they will be good with the sweetheart letter.

“We’ve known each other for a long time and have a good connection, so I think since we are having so much fun that we work well together,” McCrossin said.

“I think there is no ‘upper hand’ at winning because we are all equal, but if I had a reason why I have the upper hand, it would be because I take it seriously and I think I’m going to do good at the gumdrop tower lunch competition, since I work with stuff like that,” Mondonedo said.

His favorite part about Mr. Linganore has been playing guitar with other contestants like Ryan McFadden because they are good friends and have practiced the guitar together.