#NationalSigningDay: Beekey becomes new Warrior at Stonehill College


The Beekey family is all smiles after Matthew signs to Stonehill.

On February 6, Matthew Beekey signed to play football at Stonehill College. Beekey has been playing for the varsity team for two years, coached by Rick Conner after Beekey transferred from Clarksburg High School.

Stonehill College has a Division II football program located in Easton, Massachusetts. This college has one of the top criminology programs in the country, which is what Beekey will study.

Beekey said, “ At Stonehill, I felt at home and I have family up there and the city of Boston will be a great place to live for the next 4 years.”

During the signing day presentation Coach Conner said, “He loves the game of football on another level.” He also made a note that the day of his signing also happened to be Beekey’s 18th birthday.

Matthew Beekey is known for tremendous work as a right tackle, defensive tackle, and punter.

Matt said, “I think college football will be different, but the way Coach Conner runs practice is very fast,and we get stuff done very quickly and efficiently just like in college so it hopefully has prepared me for football.”  

Throughout his two years of playing in Linganore’s football program, Beekey has gained many friends and younger players that look up to him as a mentor. His fellow teammate, Joey Bruscia said, “Beekey is the best role model that I could ever have. I strive to live up to his expectations and aspire to be him.”

Coach Conner said, “ Stonehill is receiving a warrior.”