#NationalSigningDay2019: Lacrosse phenom Roman LaRocco signs to be a Navy midshipman


Bailey Spore

Lacrosse player, Roman LaRocco and his family pose for a picture after signing official documents.

On November 13, 2019 , Roman LaRocco participated in National Signing Day and committed to playing Division I lacrosse at the United States Naval Academy.

His coach Richard Thompson spoke at signing day and told the crowd that LaRocco’s goal this year is 175 points–and Thompson believes LaRocco can do it.

During LaRocco’s last four years in the Linganore Lacrosse program he’s made a name for himself. His junior season he scored 147 points, giving him a spot as a finalist for the C. Markland Kelly High School Lacrosse award, recognizing the State Lacrosse Player of the Year.

Head Coach Richard Thompson spoke for the lacrosse program saying ” A while back we had a great lacrosse team, and many of our rival teams questioned us on how we were going to get that offensive drive back. That gentleman [LaRocco] answered that questioned for us. He is choosing to serve us and that is a man that you want.”

LaRocco’s father, Rich LaRocco, is very proud of Roman’s decision to not only continue his lacrosse career but serve our country.

Rich said ” I am very proud of Roman and his decisions that led up to this point, I cant wait to watch him next year especially the Army/Navy game against his best friend Will Coletti.”  Will Coletti signed the same day to play lacrosse for West Point.

LaRocco is planning to focus on his education to do what he loves the most, lacrosse. After he graduates he he will be an officer in the United States Navy.

LaRocco said “I love that at the Academy, I get to be a part of something bigger than myself.”

LaRocco has been playing lacrosse since he was seven years old, and he says he has always known that this is the path he wanted to take.

Check out this video on Will Coletti and Roman LaRacco signing to rival schools: https://t.co/KdYGiyv4tQ?amp=1