One semester down, one more until summer time!

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Emily Lotito

Moments from the first semester

Our first semester of 2018-2019 is finally done! Class of 2022 made it out alive and are heading to their second semester looking forward to learning experiences. As freshmen, they have transitioned from middle school to high school starting as little fish in the pond. But we have grown! Students have joined clubs, sports, new groups of friends, and new classes.

Looking back, how do the Freshman feel about their semester? Was there anything that surprised them?

Daniel Etherton– “I think my first semester turned out exceptionally well due to the opportunities that were given to me almost instantaneously. One thing that surprised me was the extensive array of classes that are available to any of the students.”

Ashley Alt– “I think my first semester of high school went great. One thing that surprised me was how nice the upperclassman were.”

Kaelyn Diaz- “My first semester turned out very well. One thing that surprised me was how many units the teacher’s complete during the semester.”

Getting a grip of high school

Having the freedom to choose our own classes and there being so many to pick from, how did the Class of 2022 enjoy their first semester classes?

Etherton– “I struggled in math, I’ve never been as strong in math as I thought i should be but I kept a open mindset and let my teacher(Mr.Lake) help me with changing the ways I see math,”

Alt– “I didn’t have any huge challenge in the first semester, it was just trying to get used to high school. And the plea for school to start later.”

Diaz– “The biggest challenge I had during the semester was getting used to the amount of homework the teaches gave us.”

Homework is not fun- it should be illegal

So how did students manage their homework?

Alt– “I managed my homework by getting it done right after school if i didn’t have clubs that day.”

Diaz- “I managed my homework in prep but if I couldn’t that day or didn’t finish it, I would finish as soon as I got home.”

Combining middle schools

What were the thoughts of the new student body joining theirs to create the Class of 2022?

Alt– “Having a new student body joining was cool and that it was fun to meet new people.

Diaz- “I liked having another middle school join because I got to meet so many new people.”

After school activities- the plethora of clubs

During the school year, students are given the chance to participate in clubs, so how did the students of 2022 enjoy the clubs they participated in?

Etherton– “I had the privilege of being voted in by my peers for Homecoming Prince and second vice president on the executive board which I fairly enjoy.”

Alt– “The clubs[Key Club, SGA, and Class Council] were so much fun, I love them!”

Diaz- “I participate in the Asian American Culture Club which is really fun.”

Congratulations you’ve finished the semester- you still have another till summer

Reflecting back on the the semester, is there any changes these students would have made?

Etherton– “I feel my grades will actually be better because of the work ethic I’ve developed throughout the first semester.”

Alt– “I wouldn’t change anything from my first semester.”

Diaz- “There is nothing I would change about my semester.”

Freshman advice- Class of 2023, we are watching out for you

Are they excited for next year? Is there any advice for the incoming class of 2023?

Etherton– “Teachers teach us “how to be well rounded individuals”  but not just that, they teach us multiple skills to gain more knowledge.”

Alt– “I am super excited for sophomore year. If I could give advice to future freshmen, it would be to be yourself and have fun.”

Diaz- ” I’m very excited to become a sophomore. The incoming freshmen shouldn’t worry able the classes because they aren’t as hard as they seem. Plus high school is really fun.”

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 for finishing a semester in you high school journey and enjoy the second semester! We will see you after a three day weekend!