No mystery that the Area 51 raid failed to reveal aliens

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“Let’s see those aliens” is an iconic phrase on the original Facebook post that started a phenomenon. The post was made at 2 a.m.; author Matty Roberts thought nothing of it at the time.According to Roberts, it was July 1 when the event began to blow up. He had to block notifications on his phone. Roberts himself acknowledges that raiding Area 51 is a bad idea. He received visits from the FBI and Air Force urging him to delete the post and event for concern of public safety. After these visits, he changed the event to “alienstock” (like Woodstock), a desert music festival for alien conspirators. The event was a bust.  Although funny in theory, who would actually do this?

The event was underwhelming based on what was expected. Only 300 people showed up to the gates of Area 51, carrying silly signs and wearing alien costumes just to take pictures. There were 3 different Nevada festivals: one in Hiko, one in Las Vegas, and one in the town of Rachael.

Even though the event was a bust, the internet got one meme-worthy moment. A man was spotted Naruto running behind a reporter during his broadcast. The runner instantly gave the internet a memorable moment to laugh at.

Garrett Allgaier, an attendee of the event said, “It was very dumb, being completely honest the festival sucked and was super cringe.”

We never should have even raided Area 51.

The first reason is police involvement and security. In a Twitter response, the local police said, “Anyone caught participating in the trespassing on a federal military base will be detained immediately.”

The police officers of Lincoln County did not laugh at the prospect of curiosity seekers. Roberts, in an interview with the LA Times, suggested that “Alienstock” festival would cause the local town of Rachael many problems. A local cited in a TV interview was concerned about the lack of space in the town of 58 people.

The mayor of Rachael said, “The town is completely unprepared for such events. We cannot provide public services or ensure the safety of the people the event has to be moved.”

Las Vegas was not prepared either because 3,000 people showed up to the “Alienstock” event. That is a much more comfortable number than the fear of a possible 300,000 people 

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More important, there aren’t actually any aliens inside Area 51.

It’s just a decades-long conspiracy theory that the U.S. houses and researches alien life inside the base. The reality is that it’s a top-secret military weapons technology testing area as confirmed by the U.S. government internal documents.

The worst part about raiding a military base is the U.S. absolutely has jurisdiction to shoot and kill with no questions asked. If you don’t die you will be sentenced to be executed for treason against the united states. Recently two YouTubers named Ties Grainzer and Govert Charles were arrested and sentenced to 6 months in prison for trespassing.