Winter guard starts new season: Photo of the Day 11/29/19


courtesy of Gabby North

Hannah Charles practices with her flag.

by Ruby Cerny, Reporter

On Thursday November 23, the school’s winter guard team had one if its first practices of the year in the auditorium. From 2:00pm-6:00pm, winter guard participants worked hard learning new skills and routines. Winter guard, though it is similar to color guard, is much more competitive. Without the usual marching band, winter guard participants do much more dancing than in regular color guard. 

Winter guard is a relatively unknown team. It takes a lot of skill in order to be successful in winter guard. People who participate in winter guard interpret music into a dance. In order to dance on beat, participants must be relatively flexible and fast moving.  Participants use decorated flags and wooden rifles in their dances. 

Senior Ashley Perise is the captain for the winter guard and color guard team. She started during her freshman year.  Perise said, “[Winter guard is a] creative outlet that I’m good at. I love performing!”

Oceanna Carter is a freshman who has done middle school level guard for three years. Carter said, “I am really excited for this season because I get to work with more people! It’s also high school guard, so the work is more advanced!”

The winter guard team will be perform at the football game on Friday, November 29.