The Unified Physical Activity class was on a roll to bowl at the Mt. Airy Bowling: Photo of the Day 10/12/19


Courtesy of Mt. Airy Bowling Alley Staff

Unified Physical Activity class enjoyed the bowling field trip.

by Ashley Baker, Editor

On October 10, the Unified Physical Activity class took a class field trip to Mt. Airy Bowling Alley.

One week before the field trip, the whole class worked on their bowling skills. Students used rubber bowling balls and hard plastic bowling pins These are used so students can get a feel for how heavy bowling balls can be and work on aiming to hit all the pins. The main purpose for having a fun day of bowling was to work on social skills, coordination, and having a fun and fair competition for everyone.

Everyone in the Class gets 2 -3 partners but every 2 weeks Mrs. Rachel Easterday assigns new partners so everyone gets the chance to work together. When student take this class, what they are learning is that everyone is differently abled..

On a regular day the Unified Physical Activity class switches between the cardio and the weight room to ensure everyone gets a good workout. Each student has to complete 5 different machines in the weight room, and we spend 5 minutes in cardio room. From there, the student can decide if they want to stay on the same machine for the full 5 minutes or switch after 2 mins and 30 seconds. The class ends with basketball or another team sport.

“It was so much fun to see everyone having an amazing time at our local duckpin bowling alley, and my favorite part was when the lights got dim and all the colorful lights came on,” said by Kerrin Kelsey.