Swimming and Diving Team 1st Meet: Photo of the Day 12/11/19


courtesy of Staff Member

Kelly Safsten dives into the first meet of the season.

by Ashley Nash, Editor

The swimming and diving team had their first meet December 9 against Frederick High. The girls team won 91-85, and the boys lost 59-110. Although this was a loss it was a major improvement from last year’s score of 37-132. 

The boys team has 16 boys, twice as many as last year, a large increase in the team, allowing them to score more points. The whole team has grown from 25 to 38.

New members on the team also scored points in their first meet with LHS: Brendan Miller, Dylan Kossoy, Luke DeMember, Will Jordan, Ayden Kelly, and Ameila Jansen.

“This first meet was stressful, but the work that we did in practice had paid off,” said sprinter Caroline Hobson, Class of 2022.

Rachel McCoy, Lyra Garrett, Megan Brobst, Emily Lotito, Maeve Smarick, and Brendan Hanlon all won multiple events.

“This meet was good to show the new people on the team how meets function and what is expected of them,” said Lyra Garrett, Class of 2022.

Many swimmers got personal bests at this meet, including Brian Vendemia (4.75 sec. off of 200 IM), Megan Brobst(1.62 secs. off of 100 fly), Katie Roach(1.61 secs. off of 100 free), and Kelly Safsten(8.25 secs. off of 100 back).

The team is working to improve line ups so that each swimmer can maximize their participation but they were still able to compete with grace. For example because one student had other school obligations Nivea Logan was told she was swimming in the 200 medley a few minuets prior to the event.

Their next meet is December 12 against Tuscarora @Middletown.