Short-handed Linganore crushes Williamsport in first scrimmage: Photo of the Day 12/02/19


Francisco Palacios

Williamsport breaks the Lancers press break looking for a lay-up.

by Francisco Palacios, Reporter

As the 2019-20 basketball regular season gets closer, the Lancers get ready to face Oakdale as their first game of the season. This anticipated battle between two powerhouses require both teams to prepare.

Winter sports, especially basketball, have a short stretch to practice before the season starts. Football has been going on for months, but even though it’s an amazing accomplishment, it affects the Lancer basketball preparation as four of the players aren’t able to practice basketball and build chemistry with the team. As the Lancers just beat Mervo in the 3A State semifinal game, they move onto the state championship game on December 5 to play Damascus at the Navy Stadium.

As the football team keeps moving on, the basketball team is has eight or nine players every practice.  They play the JV team in order to get a 5 v 5.  Coach O’Connor says every practice, “It is what is it and we can only control what we can control. ”

The Lancers traveled to Williamsport High School to play their first scrimmage of the season with only eight players able to play a 2A power house team.

As the tip off went away, the Lancers started strong and made a statement. Holding the Wildcats to only 4 and 8 points in the first 2 quarters, it showed the energy and desire to win and compete by the Lancers. This energy was never matched as the Lancers crushed the Wildcats through 4 quarters and put up a statement win and showed the Lancers what they are capable of doing heading into the season and setting goals for playoffs. Last season the Lancers ended there year at 21-5, losing in the regional finals to Thomas Johnson High School.

Even though losing seniors from last year will be tough, the new acquisitions of Matt Schiller and the growth of the previous Juniors and Sophomores will help tremendously and will be detrimental in the success of the Lancers season. Go cheer for the Lancers as they play Oakdale, December 10 for there first game of the season