Moses and Rebetsky win November NEHS poetry contest: Photo of the day 12/19/19


Ruby Cerny

Moses and Rebetsky won the NEHS November poetry challenge.

by Ruby Cerny, Reporter

The National English Honor Society (NEHS) hosted one of the several poetry challenges open to all members of the society. From October to April, members are encouraged to submit their original poems relating to the chosen theme.  In November, five NEHS members submitted poems related to “Heroism and Courage.”

Every month,  there is a different chosen theme/topic. For the month of October, the topic was “Beginnings and Endings.”

At the end of May, two monthly winners, a student and an adviser,  will be chosen. These members will receive a $150 reward as well as a “NEHS Poet” title.

Junior Tabitha Moses’ November poem was “Waiting, Hesitating, Changing. ” Moses also won second place in the Young Authors Contest with the same poem.

“I know I needed to follow the prompt, so I decided to write about the type of people in the world–ones who make change and the others who don’t,” said Moses.

Mrs. Natalie Rebetsky, a NEHS advisor, Shelter Dogwas also recognized in November. This isn’t her first poem to win. Her poems, “First Day of School ” and “Math Teacher” won the October poetry contest.

Rebetsky said, “I decided to enter the poetry contest because I am the advisor, and I really wanted to set an example to the NEHS members. I was terrified to be ‘rejected.'”

Members of NEHS have a choice of formatting their poem any way they would like such as such as free verse, blank verse, rhymed, metered, etc. They must also submit their poem using 12-point font and the poem can not be over 1,000 words. Students can review the guidelines and submit their poems on the NEHS  website.

Check out Mrs. Rebetsky’s poem “Shelter Dog” and Tabitha Moses’s poem “Waiting, Hesitating, Changing.”