Buck and Sears compete in national cross country races: Photo of the Day 11/30/19


Carson Buck Competes at Nike Southeast Regionals

by Zack Hunsaker, Reporter

On November 30 Carson Buck competed at the Nike Cross Country Southeast Regionals and Jack Sears competed at Footlocker Northeast Regionals.  Both are races for the best runners in the region. 

Carson Buck ran in the boys open race 5k.  This race took place at WakeMed Soccer Park, North Carolina with 247 runners.  There was a torrential downpour and the temperature was 39 degrees. Even with terrible race conditions, Carson finished 37th with a time of 16:59.  The top runner in this race was Reece Cato from Athletics West with a time of 16:10. 

“The rain was tough. I worked hard to slug out a race, but the cards didn’t fall right for me, as I was previously dealing with illness. Overall, I would rather have gone with the team because competing unattached is not enjoyable. I prefer the team energy and bonds,” said Buck.  Buck finished the fall cross country season 19th in state competition.

Jack Sears ran in the Sophomore 5k race in the Bronx, New York.  He competed against 227 runners. It was sunny with a chill of 37 degrees.  Jack placed 48th with a time of 18:15. For Maryland runners, Jack placed 8th out of 27. The top time was posted by Julian Franjieh with a 16:37.  Jack Sears was not only competing for himself, but he was following the example of his grandfather who won that same race 55 years ago. 

¨It was really cool to be able to stand on the same ground where my grandfather stood and race where he raced.  I was able to talk to him and have his support at the same race that he won,” said Sears.

Jack Sears Competes at Footlocker Northeast Regionals.

On December 7, 2019 qualifiers from the eight different Regional Championships will compete for the National Championship.