Beaver recognized by the Daughters of the American Revolution: Photo of the Day 3/27/19


Braden Weinel

Mr. Beaver teaches his Advanced Placement United States History class.

by Alexis Fowler , Editor

“Jeb’s area of expertise is not limited solely to history, he is our resident “Economics Guru,” said FCPS Social Studies Curriculum Specialist Colleen Bernard

Social studies teacher Janvier Beaver was announced the 2019 winner of the Carollton Manor Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution Outstanding Teacher of American History.

It’s truly an honor to wake up each morning and love what you do. It was icing on the cake to win the award,” said Beaver

The criteria to win is based on a point system and is centered around topics which include having inclusive knowledge of American History and readily sharing it with students, demonstrating ability to relate historical events with modern life and events, having high educational standards and requiring academic excellence from students, and being committed to the students and enjoying a good rapport with them.

Beaver was nominated by the FCPS Social Studies Curriculum Specialist Colleen Bernard for his excellence in teaching.

“In the years I have worked with Jeb I have found him to be professional, enthusiastic and student focused. Jeb is a master of the American History content having taught standard, honors and Advance Placement American History for many years,” said Bernard

Junior Emily Webb is in  Beaver’s FCC History 202 class. She said, “Mr. Beaver makes the class really interesting. He teaches in an engaging and understanding way, and it makes the curriculum more than just facts in a textbook.”

The Daughters of American Revolution is a non-profit service organization determined to promoting patriotism and better educating students through American history. The organization members volunteer service hours in their communities, help financially support schools, and actively support the military and veterans.

Janvier Beaver will receive his award at a dinner on May 15.