Art class gets creative with living subjects: Photo of the Day 11/15/19


Kam Neale

Tatum Pugh and Abby Heath work on their art projects.

by Peyton Johnson, Editor

On October 28 and 29 Mr. Christian Madespacher and his art two class brought their animals into class to draw them. The point of the assignment was to experience drawing something that doesn’t hold still. 

Kam Neale was excited to bring her bearded dragon named “Mouse” in her class and to show all her friends her unique pet. Much like many art students, she is used to using still references, so this was a step out of their comfort zones.

Kam Neale’s drawing next to her pet lizard mouse.

Kam Neale said, “Working with a live subject was a change from the usual pictures I get inspiration from.” 

They first sketched out the animals, and then they will be using liquid watercolors to paint.

Students in the halls and around school got so excited to see the giant lizard. 

Animals (especially moving ones) are very difficult to draw, and trying to finish the drawing even though the subject has decided to switch positions makes it harder. 

The art students did a great job of tackling this task and many of them really enjoyed this and loved bringing in their pets from home.