Mrs. Parente’s FOT class makes mini golf courses


Julie Walker

Sophomore Matilda Geffen plays her mini golf course.

by Kendall Martin , Reporter

On January 8, Mrs. Parente’s second period FOT class started a project making a mini golf course. They had five days to work on it. The materials they could use around the classroom were colored pencils, markers, pipe cleaners, construction paper, fabric, glue, index cards, rubber bands, craft sticks, paper clips, string, folders, or any materials brought from home. Some students even brought food or candy in to make the course.


  • A “tee” area must be provided
  • A cup of 2″ diameter will be provided
  • Your model may not be larger than 22″ x 28″ and no smaller than 22″ x 17″. You will use a piece of poster board to design your hole
  • You must design and develop a “putter”
  • A marble will serve as a miniature golf ball
  • Hole must have a theme of your choice
  • Hole must have 4 or more 3D props to reflect theme and make the hole challenging
  • Hole must have color to resemble mini-golf course. (It should not just obtain the color from markers. Think fabric, paper, etc.)

Sophomore Elizabeth Rajnik said, “I enjoy this project because its fun to make and you can use creativity in whatever way you want.”

When the class had finished all of their golf courses, they got to play each others and look to see everyone else’s ideas.

The students that won the mini golf course were Zane Bailey and Avery Jackson (Troll Darkness), Ben Pfaff and Emma Kokoskie (Candy land), and Taylor Mitcham and Olivia Myers (Dunkin Donuts).