Lancer Media Kitchen; Pumpkin Spice Taste Test 2.0


Grace Truedson

Katherine Taylor and Ashley Nash try pumpkin spice flavored foods.

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Every year during the fall season food lovers look forward to one thing, pumpkin spice. From lattes to dog treats companies take advantage of the season to create and sell all sorts of products, and the world has mixed feelings about it.

The majority of students at Linganore High School think Pumpkin spice is just ̈okay ̈. It isn’t do anything special but it doesn’t ruin the season either. Pumpkin spice is just a mediocre flavor that comes around autumn, according to most students.  

¨It feels like they’re  just using the fall season (much like many holidays) as an excuse to suck the money out of everybody.̈ junior Peyton Johnson said.

If pumpkin spice is just ̈okay ̈ then why do people buy the products? Is it because they secretly enjoy them, or do they want a taste of the fall season? Here at Lancer Media we tried to figure that out

 On October 17 Lancer Media brought in pumpkin spice Cheerios,whoopie pies,donuts,crumpets,yogurt, and oatmeal pies. At first everyone was grossed out to try all of these weird products, but in the end everyone enjoyed them.

Everyone who tried the Cheerios were suspicious at first. No one wants to eat pumpkin for breakfast anyway, but in the end everyone who tried it surprisingly liked it. Eight out of thirteen Cheerio testers loved the Cheerios! 

¨I could definitely see myself eating the Cheerios!̈ ̈ Junior Elizabeth Rajnik said cheerfully. 

One of the most popular products tested were pumpkin spiced whoopie pies. Eleven people tested these and nine testers absolutely loved them.¨I would buy myself those whoopie pies ̈ sophomore Emily Lotito said.

The pumpkin spiced donuts were personally my favorite. It seemed that they were the only product that I understood being pumpkin spiced, and nine out of sixteen testers agreed with me! 

Elizabeth Rajnik testing out the pumpkin spiced yogurt

 ̈The donuts were my favorite ̈ Freshman Ruby Cerny said. 

 The Lance ́s adviser, Ms Rebetsky, knew what she was doing when she brought in pumpkin spiced crumpets! Ten out of twelve testers absolutely loved these treats. But these were not nearly as good as the pumpkin spiced oatmeal pies. 100% of testers fell in love with these product.

 ̈The Oatmeal pies were definitely my favorite ̈  Senior Gabby North said.

Our last product was probably the strangest, and the students can agree, only four testers tried the pumpkin flavored yogurt. Many of the testers gagged when thinking about it, but three out of four people fell in love with this yogurt!

At the Lance we learned that pumpkin spiced products were not all that bad, in fact they were pretty good! So while the fall season is still around, go to the store and try out these interesting products for yourself.