DIY Christmas Ornament: Make a melting snowman

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Is your tree missing something special?

Well you have come to the right place! This DIY is making a melting snowman ornament. This ornament would be a great addition to your tree, and a fun conversation starter compared to a regular snowman you can find at the store. This would also be a great ornament for a Christmas ornament swap! Surely an ornament no one else has.


  • Clear Plastic Ornament
  • Fake Snow ( you can buy some at any craft store)
  • Black LEGO pieces
  • Twigs
  • Black Beads
  • Orange modeling clay
  • Small piece of plaid fabric
  • Funnel
  • Ribbon

Step 1: Collect some twigs outside that can be used as snowman arms (I found some sticks, and cut off tiny parts to look like snowman arms)

Step 2: Take the orange modeling clay, and shape the clay into the shape of a carrot. Then take a toothpick and draw some lines in clay to complete the nose

Step 3: For the hat, take black LEGO pieces to build the hat or just anything that resembles a snowman hat. (I used a black square and a Lego person head I painted black)

Step 4: Cut a little strip of fabric to make the scarf

Step 5: Take the funnel and put the fake snow into the ornament

Step 6: Place the eyes, nose, arms, hat, and scarf into the ornament

Step 7: Cut the ribbon to your desirable length, and tie a knot at the top

Step 8: Attach the ribbon to the ornament

Now, you’ve finished and have ended up with a funny and new ornament to hang on your tree!

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