With the Warriors winning everything, why watch the NBA?


Erich Miller

The five Warriors players represented as Space Jam Monstars.

by Erich Miller, Reporter

The NBA season is almost upon us, and we already know who will win the championship. The NBA “superteam” generation has been the league’s downfall, especially after this past NBA offseason with the Warriors signing four-time all-star Demarcus Cousins. The Warriors now have a whopping 5 all-stars on their team, making the NBA boring and not fun to watch. No team should have the talent that the Warriors do.

The Warriors have recently made NBA competition unfair by winning three of the last four NBA championships, and this year will be no different. No team comes close to the talent that the Warriors have. Not even the world dominant Lebron James has been able to stop them. So then why do people still watch the NBA?       

The last four years have been rough for the other 29 teams in the league, even the winning Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers have also been to the championship the last four years but only walked away with one trophy. People are not invested in the Cavaliers/Warriors rivalry. That’s why the ratings were at an all-time low last year at 1.9. This compares to the 3.4 million per game in the 90’s and early 00’s.

This was a big offseason where the Los Angeles Lakers had an opportunity to create a super team to compete with the Golden State Warriors. They were expected to sign Lebron James, Paul George, and Kawhi Leonard. Only one of the three signings happened.

They got Lebron James, and he is the consensus best player in the world, but he has not been able to take down the warriors single-handedly.

Member of the Class of 2022 Ryan Bennett said, “It’s just boring. There is no point in watching the sport if you already know the champion months in advance. Lebron keeps the NBA relevant.”

There are a lot of Lebron fans among the NBA fan base, and that’s because he’s fun to watch and just seems like he does it all on and off the court. He dominates almost putting up 30 every night, and off the court he does things for people in need. He’s just a person fans can look up to and respect as a man.

Besides the Warriors and whatever team Lebron is on, it is not fun to watch the NBA games. And it is even harder to be a loyal fan in the NBA with the unfairness that has brewed the last couple of seasons.

Teams like the Sacramento Kings and the Orlando Magic have suffered due to the unfair draft system. The lottery system is where the bottom 14 teams are put into a draw for the first pick in the draft. Some teams have fantastic luck, and others do not. However, it’s always the big money teams winning the lottery when they are in it, and most NBA fans think the NBA is fixed

Yet choosing a draft pick is always difficult as well because an average of eight players per draft are starters down the road. This is a small number from 6o picks per draft. You have to be lucky with the players you select. The Warriors have been lucky drafting three, and, yes, that is luck, but they are hated for another reason.

Kevin Durant. The man lost to the Warriors in seven games blowing a 3-1 lead. The Oklahoma City Thunder had the power to beat the Warriors but they blew it losing four games in a row to Golden State. The Warriors were also coming off the best regular season in NBA history going 73-9. Yet they ended up losing in game seven of the finals to Lebron and the Cavaliers. After that season Kevin Durant decided to join the almighty Warriors giving them a team that almost can’t be beaten.

Sophomore Kyle Wiegand said, “It was the most exciting part of the NBA in the last four years. There hasn’t been much since.” He also went to say “It’s fun to watch, just not the Warriors.” 

Mt. Airy basketball U-16 coach Jim Fisher said, “The NBA boring now. Lebron’s alright, but I can’t be a Wizards fan because we can never win.”

This is sad for a basketball fan. The NBA has always given great games and series to watch over the last 30 years. Those times are long gone.  Bring back Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Shaq!