Lancer Media Sports Podcast Episode 2: “The TrueAP Advantage”

by Lily Weaver and Catie Jo Tansey

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Through a series of interviews, Lancer Media editors, Lily Weaver and Catie Jo Tansey, found out more information about the True AP Program.

The True AP program consists of multiple training sessions designed to improve the strength and endurance of athletes to prepare them for their sports season. True AP was brought to Linganore by football coach Rick Connor. There are programs that mirror True AP, but Coach Connor believes this program is the most successful.

However, does True AP give an unfair advantage for students who participate over students who cannot?

Senior Jake Santis said, “I do not believe it does. True AP teaches students better ways to train, but the training can be done without True AP.”

While True AP might not provide an unfair advantage, what happens when a student wants to participate but can not afford it?  True AP costs around $5 a session, but over multiple sessions, the price can begin to add up. Some families might not have room in their budget for this expense, on top of the original expense for their child’s sport.

Coach Connor said, “No student is denied from the program. If they want to do it, we find a way.”

Through the interviews, it was also found that students’ favorite part about the program is the college students returning home to train.

Santis said, “It’s cool to see how college athletes come home and get the same benefits out of the program as high school athletes.”

The TrueAP program brings unity. Former athletes and current athletes are able to train together, and no one is denied the opportunity to participate.

To learn more about the program or are interested in participating, visit the True AP website, talk to Coach Connor, or talk to Linganore´s True AP rep, Josh Daniels.

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