Byrd talks 1-on-1 with Coach Conner and Lineman Scott Hummel


Jason Byrd

Linganore vs. Archbishop Curley

by Jason Byrd, Reporter

Preparing for the regular season opener on August 31 is an electrifying moment for all involved. The first game against Archbishop Curley High School, Coach Conner noted what needed to happen in order to start the season strong.

“They [Archbishop] are very good, they have an outstanding quarterback and running backs. On the defensive side, they’re very quick,” said Conner.

Led by Jackson Ambush and Joey and Mike Bromley, the defense has been working on defending the run and pass option plays.

Offensive lineman Scott Hummel said, “As long as the defensive line is able to execute and do their job, the rest of the defense will be able to step and make plays.

Switching to offense, Coach said, “We need to be patient, value our possessions, and be productive each and every series for us to win.”

One of the biggest aspects going into this game is how quarterback Ryan Leyh will perform. “He’s the backbone of the offense. For him to succeed in this game, he needs to keep his head in the game,” said Hummel.

The offensive line should be able to give Leyh the most amount of time in the pocket.

“This game should really give us good momentum for the rest of the season,” Hummel said.

Coach isn’t too worried about the rest of the season just yet. “It’s just one week in 10; this just lets the coaches and me know where we as a team stand.”

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