Poms prepare dance for Pep Rally: Photo of the Day 9/28/18


Ashley Nash

Avé Boghossian-James and the pom team practice for pep rally.

by Ashley Nash, Reporter

The Pom and Dance team gets ready for the school’s pep rally in one week. They are very excited to perform. Although pep rally is very fun, it can also be very stressful on the team and the coach.

The team had one performance on September 21. Even though half-time performances are important, the most important performance is pep rally. Pep rally is different then football games because everyone in the school is watching you. They are super close and can see you if you mess up.

“Pep Rally is really stressful because there is a lot of pressure to make sure the dance is something the entire school will enjoy and get hype about,”said Captain CiCi Emerson, Class of 2019.

“Pep rally can be very nerve wracking to dance in front of the whole school but also really fun because you get the students excited for homecoming,” said Maddy Spisso, Class of 2020. Even though you can get very nervous beforehand in the end the dance always turns out and you have fun.

Riley Johnston leads in a section of arms.

The pep rally dance is made by the seniors. This years dance is created by CiCi Emerson, Cailey Weber, Kaley Henyon, Haley Stone, Emily Shumate, and Grace Winpigler. The dance is reviewed by the Coach Mrs Richardson, who has been coaching the team for ten years now. She knows what will look good and what people will like. If a section isn’t looking clean or has no visual appeal it will be changed.

“Practices can be hard because changes are made to what we have learned before, so you have to keep up with new moves, counts, or formations. But in the end, it’s awesome to perform in front of the whole school.” said Leah Bolger, Class of 2021. After dancing everyone is proud of their performance.

On the day of pep rally the team gets to school before six to warm-up and practice the routine in the gym. Also, in the morning Poms and Varsity Cheer gives spirit buckets to the Varsity Football team.

Each member on the Pom teams gives a bucket to their little or big sister. These buckets are filled with their favorite foods, drinks, and things they love. These little/big sister buckets are very important to the members, they will spend a lot of money on each other. Everyone has so much fun opening their buckets and seeing all the goodies they got.