League of Women Voters encourges youth to vote: Photo of the Day 10/9/18


Tabitha Moses

Mary Beth Coker and Betty Mayfield run the League of Women Voters registration table during lunch shifts.

by Maya Apau, Reporter

On October 9, The League of Women Voters of Maryland held a voter’s registration during all lunch periods to discuss their mission and how to vote. Vice President, Mary Beth Coker and Betty Mayfield, Co-presidents, were the two representatives answering students’ questions.

“Our sole purpose is to help vote and encourage others to vote,” said Coker.

To one sophomore, Mayfield said, “Come back when you’re 16 and visit our website so that you can register yourself.”  

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization with diverse membership of women and men.

“I mean who wouldn’t want to vote? exclaimed Coker.  Coker said that Linganore High has been the most receptive of the 10 high schools.  Students were curious about voting.  

The League simply wants to do 4 things: promote an open government system, promote peace through an interdependent world, promote an beneficial environment, and secure equal rights for all.

Registration to vote in the November 6 election ends on October 16. To learn more about the election, visit their website.