#LanceroftheWeek: Myah Davies goes to great heights to claim the State Champion title in pole vaulting


Myah Davies jumping 10 feet to claim the State Champion title.

Myah Davies, sophomore, is a part of the Linganore girls soccer and the spring track and field team. She participates in pole vaulting, 4×100 relay, 100 meter dash, long jump, and triple jump.

When heading into states she was nervous because she knew the competition was high, but she won the State Champion pole vault title with her personal record of 10 feet.

“At the end I was not sure if I had won yet so when the official told me I had won states, I was overwhelmed with happiness because it was what I’ve worked for all season, I’ll never forget that day,” Davies said.

She started indoor track her freshman year to remain in shape for soccer. During her track season she was recognized for having good upper body strength by her coach David Bly. He asked her to compete in pole vaulting, as he thought she would be a great asset.

Davies said, “I picked it up pretty quickly, but did not excel until my sophomore season.”

According to Illumin, “Imagine running at full speed carrying a 15 foot long pole. You approach a large foam mat and a high bar spanning across two rigid standards. Once you are a few feet away from the mat, you lower the front tip of the pole into a hole in the ground, raise your arms up towards the sky, and jump as high as you can. In less than a second, the pole bends and you swing your legs up above your head so that you are completely upside-down.”

During the season the state rankings were very high and Davies was worried going into states. She constantly worked to get better by working inside and outside of school.

“I could not be more proud of Myah and her accomplishments this season. She worked extremely hard and it definitely paid off. When I first met her, I saw her speed and strength, so I immediately placed her in pole vaulting. She really took all the technique and worked diligently on each phase of the vault to improve. This is usually a long process for most athletes, but not Myah,” said Bly.

During her season her highest personal record was 8 feet. She showed up to every practice with determination to beat her record. Out of nowhere, she jumped 9 feet at practice, and later that week, at the meet. She continued to practice and finally jumped 10 feet. She had not jumped 10 feet at a match yet, but during her season she beat her personal record by 2 feet.

“I feel the skies the limit for Myah, only being a sophomore winning a state title is a huge accomplishment. Myah is fearless and it takes a lot of guts to pole vault and she is truly a strong competitor, which is very important when you’re flipped upside down in the air 10+ feet,” said Bly.

Davies favorite thing about track is the individuality of the sport, but at meets everyone comes together to support one another. She believes more people should get involved in track because there are so many events for different types of people!

For the 3A State Champion pole vaulting title, Clara Desclous from North Hagerstown was runner up and Sarah Morvansky, also from Linganore finished third.

Davies had a successful 2018 outdoor track season.

She participated in the 4×100 which is when a team of four each runs 100 meets while passing a baton. Myah Davies, Sarah Morvansky, Taylor Bliss, and Ani Boghossian-James competed in the 4×100 relay and placed fourth three times, their best time being 51.73 at the Frederick County Championship.

On Athletic Net some of her season records for the 2018 outdoor track season include:

55 meter dash: 7.94

100 meters: 13.53

High Jump: 4′ 2

Pole Vaulting: 10’0

Long Jump: 14′ 0.5

Triple Jump: 31′ 3.75