Homecoming 2018: Traditional banner making spikes up competition


Emily Webb

The winning banner hangs from the railing on Main Street.

Banner making is one of the many traditions at Linganore during homecoming week. It allows class members to work together to make the first statement of Homecoming 2018 on Main Street.

This year’s spirit week theme was “Looking forward and remembering the past.”

The Class of 2021 placed first with the Class of 2020 placing second, and the Class of 2022 placing third.

Emily Webb
The Class of 2020 banner.

Juniors Allie Sible, Clare Beiter, Cassie Nalepa, and Juliana Zeller worked on their class banner. They wanted to incorporate the message by using the theme of homecoming.

“I liked doing this because it allows us to experience healthy competition and is something many people look forward to every year,” said Sible.

Emily Webb
The Class of 2019 banner.

Seniors Shay Arneson, Jane Quackenbush, and Emily Wolfe decorated their class banner. They wanted to give viewers a visual of their past as a whole class and what the plans are for their future, going along with the week’s theme.

“I think this is a great tradition because walking into the school the Monday of homecoming week and seeing all those banners hanging really shows the unity and spirit of Linganore,” said Arneson.

The Class of 2022 banner.

Freshmen Emily Watson, India Ismael, Jodi Goins, Ashley Alt, and Kelly Alt decorated their banner. The freshman banner depicts a large “‘22” in the school colors of black, red, and white on a slate gray background.

“Honestly, we were told on Friday about what we had to do and the banner was thrown together,” said Watson. 

The Class of 2022 is looking forward to more activities as the year goes on and are all happy to be a part of the Lancer experience.