Homecoming 2018: Sophomores win annual hill painting with “groovy” theme

Lilly Player

There are many homecoming traditions unique to Linganore, one being the hill painting. On September 30, the hill leading down to the stadium was divided into four different sections and each class was given a part to spray paint with their interpretation of this year’s homecoming theme — “Looking Forward, Remembering the Past.” 

The results were close, but the Class of 2021 won. They took their inspiration from the 60’s. Their hill used bright colors and varying fonts to channel the time period when Linganore first opened in 1962. A large portion of their hill was filled by the words, “2021 is groovy.”

The Class of 2020 design was centered around a red, black, and white color scheme and used classic Linganore elements, including a spear and “Roll Tribe.” They incorporated the homecoming theme by painting two opposite arrows representing a timeline. 

The senior class kept their design simple, but in their case, less was definitely more. Their design consisted of a large “19” that had tie dye elements to portray the 60’s, and then below it, two opposite arrows with the years 2015-2019 written below them. This nostalgic touch captured the seniors’ time at Linganore as well as the week’s theme.

“Usually the colors are red, black, and white, but this year we wanted to make ours stand out. That’s why we used the rainbow and tie-dye colors to make it stand out from the others.”said Shay Arneson, Senior Class President.

Class of 2022 had a good turnout considering this was their first competition. Class council member Jodi Goins said her experience was fun and unusual because she had never used spray paint before.

SGA Vice President Alex Ismael said, “Hill painting went pretty well this year. We had a decent turnout from all the classes except for the seniors with four people. The hills looked pretty great this year and had a lot of nice colors.”