Class of 2020 wins the “Paint the Hill” competition

by Kelsey Ward, Editor

On Monday, October 30, the four classes came together to “Paint the Hill” in the lancer backyard. This is an annual tradition as a part of spirit week. The activity was scheduled for October 29, but was rescheduled to the 30 due to rain.

The hill is split into 4 equal sections, to the left of the stairs coming up from the stadium parking lot. Each class gets their own section to paint their design with spray paint. The designs surrounded this years homecoming theme, “Red, Black, White, Lancers Unite.”

The classes ranked as follows:

  • 1st Place – Class of 2020
  • 2nd Place – Class of 2019
  • 3rd Place  – Class of 2018
  • 4th Place – Class of 2021

Lancer Media talked to two of our SGA class officers, Shea Stewart, Class of 2018 secretary, and Alec Deyart, Class of 2019 secretary, about how they think the hill painting went.