Class of 2017: Seniors in the GSA celebrate 10 days left before graduation


Katie Lehman

GSA seniors have only 10 days left at LHS

Seniors of the GSA club are looking forward to a bittersweet farewell to Linganore High School with only 10 days left. The GSA, run by Ms. Baker, is preparing to say goodbye to beloved members as they leave the underclassmen behind.

Two of the group’s seniors, Alison Stockman (right) and Grace Williams (left), pictured above are looking forward to their future educations and careers.

Alison Stockman is going to attend the University of Maryland. She’s decided she’ll either be studying sociology or psychology. In GSA Alison helped to organize the 2nd annual winter GSA dance for the club, and helped decorate the cafeteria for the dance. As excited as she is to move on from high school she said she’ll really miss seeing her underclassmen friends every day.

“I really liked GSA- I liked the activities we participated in such as the Day of Silence and the Trevor Project fundraiser dance. I’ll miss the people in GSA the most.” Alison Stockman said.

Grace Williams is attending the University of Virginia. There she’ll be studying either math or computer science. In the club, Grace helped make some backdrops for the photo-booth at the dance.

With the end of the year quickly approachingĀ for seniors, we will truly miss them as they head off for a better future.