Class of 2017: AP Comp class writes the final pages of high school


Tory Spruill

Mr. Norko’s AP Language Composition Class, Spring 2017.

Damon Norko’s A.P. English Language Composition class excitedly anticipates the end of school year with only 12 days left for seniors.

The class has been hard at work preparing for the A.P. Comp test, taking place on Wednesday, May 10th. The mostly senior class includes Sam Burroughs and Alec Mathews.

Mathews, who will be attending the University of South Carolina next fall, hopes to spend as much time with possible with his friends before he leaves for college.

“I’m going to miss all of my fun teachers and hanging out with my friends every weekend.” Says Mathews.

Burroughs will be working full-time next year before attending a trade school. He’s looking forward to working longer hours and not having any school assignments.

“I am going to miss the school sports games and all of the shop classes.” Says Burroughs.