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Linganore student section decked out in American gear.

Linganore student section decked out in American gear.

Courtesy of Kevin Garwood

Courtesy of Kevin Garwood

Linganore student section decked out in American gear.

by Katie Gallagher, Reporter

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The Tribe is a group of 10-15 male senior students who lead the student section in chants and are the football team’s biggest sport enthusiasts.

Every Friday night the Tribe members rally around the stadium in high spirits with their fellow Lady Tribe members. Each game, Tribe members get their chests painted with a letter that corresponds to the message they are spelling in that specific game. Messages such as, “Roll Tribe” or “Go Lancers” are most common, but for the cancer awareness game, the message was “Beat Cancer.”

Each game has a different theme ranging from “black outs” to “American outs.” The girl volunteers also make the personalized banner that is hung in front of the student section each week. Seniors are proud to be part of this ongoing tradition.

Andrew Calder

Calder feels honored to be a part of such a cool tradition that runs in his family. In 2015, Calder’s brother, Joe, was the chief of the Tribe.

“I believe that without the Tribe, Linganore would have much less school spirit and would not be as united within the school and community,” stated Calder.

Andrew’s favorite chant to participate in at games is “I believe” which is a call and response chant that the chief leads.

Patrick Coggins

Pat works at Jersey Mike’s in Mt. Airy and plays on the varsity lacrosse team. He just recently committed to Wheeling Jesuit for lacrosse. As a former Lancer football player, Coggins understands how important it is to hear the crowd rallying behind their team.

“Hearing positive support and loud cheering coming from the stands was encouraging to the team and made us want to play harder,” said Coggins.

Coggins enjoys being a part of the “hype crew” of Linganore, where their main job is to get people excited and cheering.

Tristan Drenner

Drenner is active within the sports scene. He is a starting lacrosse player and has recently received a scholarship to continue his lacrosse career at Wingate University. Drenner believes that the Tribe is just as loud and effective as they were last year even though they have a smaller group.

“It is unreal to be a part of such a passionate group. We have transcended past just school spirit and have reached unity,” said Drenner.

Luke Fay

Fay keeps himself busy taking AP and FCC courses, along with working at Gaver Tree Farm. In the winter he loves snowboarding at Ski Liberty. Starting off his senior year as a tribe member is extremely exciting to Fay. He loves tailgating and getting painted up before each game. Fay said “camo-outs” are his favorite theme because he thinks it’s funny to wear camo against Urbana because they stereotype Linganore as a “redneck” school.

Jacob Garwood, Chief

Garwood works at Lighthouse Seafood and Deli and plays varsity lacrosse.  The Chief duties include keeping the student section in check, deciding and leading the chants at games and during school, deciding the messages to be spelled out on their chests, and choosing the theme for each game. Garwood believes one of his most important jobs is to represent the Tribe positively to the staff, student body, and community news outlets. He has been interviewed multiple times about the headdress issue and has to carefully decide what he says each time to keep a positive image for the Tribe and his school.

Levi Johnson

Johnson works at Cryin’ Johnnies as a cook and also enjoys riding dirt bikes. Before the games, he loves hanging out with the whole Tribe on Friday nights, before, during, and after the game. 

“We are a more unified group this year because it is a smaller amount of people and we are all really good friends,” said Johnson.

Arne Lassen

Over the summer, Arne works full time in Ocean City, Maryland, but during the school year, he’s fully dedicated to the Tribe.

“Without the Tribe, I think Linganore wouldn’t be Linganore…the Tribe shows our true colors and the true atmosphere of our school and community.” said Lassen.

Tyler Soper

Soper, a future Marine, enjoys “American outs” the most as a game theme. He believes that this year’s Tribe is much louder than years past, and is more passionate about their legacy.

“My advice to underclassmen would be to not be afraid of getting loud and to not throw trash in the student section,” said Soper. Throwing cans and trash into the crowd has already been a problem at the start of the season. 

“Tribe leadership addressed the trash throwing problem before I even got up to the stands, which is very helpful. They have done a good job promoting school spirit respectfully and have even helped out administration,” Said Mr. Chris Bittner, assistant principal.

Erick Stutz

Stutz works at Gaver Tree Farm as a manager in the kitchen. He also plays varsity lacrosse and is on the golf team. Stutz committed to Wheeling Jesuit for lacrosse last year as well. As a former football player, he understands how a football team can drive their energy solely from crowd excitement. The Tribe has made it their purpose to benefit the football team by showing dedicated support.

“With every Tribe there needs to be a group of guys who are really close, and who aren’t afraid to get crazy. They have to have a little bit of crazy in them to do what we do. I also think the Lady Tribe goes along with having a successful Tribe,” said Stutz.

Jordan Swoyer

Going into his senior year, Swoyer stays busy with athletics and academics. He is on the golf team, which currently has a 7-1 record, and also plays varsity lacrosse. Representing Linganore positively is important to Swoyer.

The Halloween costume-themed game is his favorite because everyone can dress up as something different.

Thomas Winter

Winter works at JT Motorsports in Frederick, MD and feels honored to carry on the family tradition of being in the Tribe. Rob Winter, Thomas’s brother, was a former member in 2015.

“I love being a part of the group that gets everyone excited to be a Lancer,” said Winter.

His favorite theme is the “American out” because it is patriotic and he loves how the paint looks like a flag on their chests.

You can experience the Tribe in full force at a Linganore Lancer football game. Games are typically at 7 PM on Friday nights. Come help the Tribe support the Linganore Lancers this season!

Courtesy of Kevin Garwood
Linganore student section decked out in American gear.


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