Lancer of the Week: Drew Twillman “drives” his way to success


Kyle McFadden

Twillman stands with his plaque after winning the CMC championship.

by Tommy Moyer, Reporter


That is what golfers Charlie Rasmussen, Vince Booth, and Drew Twillman say to each other after they hit a good shot.

“I say ‘Bingo’ a lot when Drew is playing,” Rasmussen said.

Twillman’s achievements in golf are lengthy.

In his junior year, he won the CMC championship and came in 3rd in districts.

In his senior year, he came in 7th in states, 4th in counties, 3rd in the CMC championship, and 1st in districts.

Twillman says his favorite moment in his golf career was winning the CMC championship his junior year.

Even with his success in golf, Twillman still had one of his hardest moments in his sports career when he didn’t make the 2nd day of states his junior year.

The most decorated golfer in Lancer history, Twillman would still be considered an exceptional student athlete if he concentrated on only golf. This makes his achievements in basketball and lacrosse all the more impressive.

Twillman says basketball is his favorite sport, even though he thinks it is the hardest one.

“Basketball is the most competitive sport that I play,” Twillman says.

As a 6th man for the varsity team last year, Twillman averaged 7.4 points on a team that went 16-8.

His dedication and attitude are well respected by teammates.

“He is a leader and pushes teammates to give max effort,” teammate Nicholas Lang said.

Part of Drew’s love of basketball arose because of his respect for his varsity coach, Tom Kraft, who he calls the best coach he has ever had.

Kraft explained that what makes Twillman such a great part of a team is that he embraced his role as the 6th man, even though he was one of the team’s most talented scorers. Kraft also credits Twillman’s intensity and competitiveness to why he is such a good player.

“Some guys are competitive to a fault, and they lost focus of the task at hand. Drew is not like that,” Kraft said.

Once winter is over, Twillman doesn’t pick up the golf clubs just yet. He trades his basketball shoes for cleats and a lacrosse stick as a member of Linganore’s lacrosse team.

One of Twillman’s hardest decisions he had to make was whether or not to play lacrosse his sophomore year.  He decided not to, and the team went on to win states. During his junior year, Twillman decided to play lacrosse again because he missed the sport and the team.

On top of Twillman’s three sports, he finds time to be an honor roll student who frequently take AP classes.

His competitive drive leads him to call his hardest class, AP Macroeconomics, his favorite because Twillman loves a challenge.  PREP is where he gets a lot of work done.

Twillman is unsure whether or not he will play sports in college. His top choice for college is either University of Maryland, College Park or Virginia Tech.