Oh the places you’ll go: Nalepa, Ledford, and Nichols becomes seagulls at Salisbury University


Grace Weaver

(Left to Right) Cori Nichols, Faith Nalepa, Cammi Ledford fly over to Salisbury University.

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Faith Nalepa, Cammi Ledford, and Cori Nichols will be attending Salisbury University.

Nalepa and Ledford both plan to double majoring in elementary education and early childhood education with minors in special education.

Nalepa said, “I’ve always have loved the idea of teaching children and helping children with special needs.”

Ledford said, “I have always been amazed at the fact by becoming a teacher I would help form the future. Also the idea that children are so accepting of new facts they will always remember what I taught them.”

Nichols will be majoring in political science. “My father and I have always watched the news together and this past election I became extremely interested. That’s when I decided that I wanted to major in Political Science.”

The three girls look forward to going on adventures with each other over the summer and while at college. “I can’t wait to go my beach house this summer and during the school year, since its only 30 minutes away,” said Ledford.

The girls thank their parents and their teachers for preparing them for their future.

“My parents have taught me to be independent and work for things in life. I have a great work ethic thanks to them,” said Nichols.

“I’d liked to thank Ms. Lane because she helped me get to my 90-hour certificate in child development and I plan on using that to help me get a job in the future,” said Nalepa.

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