Chappell flips for varsity cheer



Jan Ingram

Alyssa Chappell (top middle) cheering at one of the basketball games.

by Taylor Holmes and Grace Gaydosh

Class of 2020 member Alyssa Chappell is mainly known as the “freshman on varsity cheer.” However, Chappell is more than just a cheerleader. She is a stellar student who enjoys reading, gymnastics, and horseback riding.

Making varsity cheer is a hard task. “I started out as an alternate but then made the competition team,” Chappell said.

It isn’t often that a freshman makes varsity. She said it gets a little lonely without Class of 2020 friends on the team, but the varsity girls have been supportive.

“Her full [back flip with a twist] is definitely her best skill. I wasn’t surprised about her skill level. She clearly works hard and is focused. Sometimes when other girls are taking a break she isn’t taking a break,” said varsity cheer coach, Jan Ingram.

Since Chappell is very committed to cheer, it takes up all her time. “I wanted to be involved with clubs or friends but I need to commit all my time to cheer,” said Alyssa.

Chappell is focused on her schoolwork just as much as her cheer and tries her hardest to get good grades.

“Alyssa has excellent attendance and is hard working. In cheer she is determined to please her team and accomplish her goals,” said sister, Jessica Chappell, Class of 2017 member.

Chappell is a good teammate as well. “She works very hard and is always practicing. She also takes criticism really well,” said the girls on the varsity cheer team. “The girls always give me pep talks to make sure I believe in myself,” Chappell said.  

Outside of cheer and school, she is also a good friend. “Three words to describe Alyssa would be funny, trustworthy, and caring,” said good friend, Kat Taylor, member of the Class of 2020. Taylor has seen Chappell’s skills and said “She is a very good tumbler.”