Top 10 of 2015: Memes you couldn’t miss

by Amanda Anderson, Editor

Memes are an infectious part of our culture, humorous imitations on all of our social media.  These are my favorite memes of 2015.

10. If a dog wore pants: Started in late December 2015, this meme asks a simple question: how would a dog wear pants? But the question quickly evolved to more objects and animals wearing pants, like a trash can and cats.

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9.  TR-8R the Stormtrooper:  Started in late December, from the new Star Wars The Force Awakens, a Stormtrooper starts to swing around a lightsaber-resistant weapon shouts “Traitor!” at popular new character, Finn.


8. What are those?: In early October, this meme started where a man asked a policeman, “What are those?” about his black work boots. The meme was originally meant to ask about ugly shoes, but quickly evolved to ask about all types of shoes.

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7. Unexpected John Cena: This meme surfaced around July. The meme pops up in random moments of videos, loudly playing his wrestling “theme song.” This is definitively the most annoying meme.

john ceena

6. Breadsticks in purse: This meme basically a dinner date conversation where a person hastily leaves when the date turns sour.  Before leaving, the date grabs the bread sticks. People change the conversation to make it different every time.


5. Miley what’s good?Jaws dropped when Nicki Minaj called out Miley Cyrus in the VMA’s on August 30, 2015. Immediately after, Minaj fans, and anyone really said “Miley what’s good?” or made memes and even clothing items of the iconic situation. All of the comments on Miley’s Instagram was “Miley what’s good?” for months. 

miley whats good

4. THE DRESS: In February, a tumblr user posted the picture simply asking what color it is. Within 48 hours, over 400,000 people had seen it. ” I see the dress as blue and black, (how it really is) but many people see differently. It has to do with how you see the light in the photo. If you see outside light in the photo rather than inside light, it is blue and black. Read Lancer Media’s story. 

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3. Just Do It: In July, a video was uploaded of Shia LaBeouf giving an intense motivational speech in front of a green screen. This, of course, made it very easy for people to edit the video into other videos and pictures.

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 2. Dog of Wisdom: Wisdom Dog is a heartwarming tale of dog flying in an airplane. The flying dog asks his friend, Wisdom Dog, for some wisdom. Uploaded in July, this gained over 3 million views in just over 4 months. 

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1. Rare PepesThis loveable frog is the king of all memes. There’s a Pepe for every occasion. In March, it became a trend to find “rare” images of Pepe. There are still new Pepes being edited and made by others. 

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