LHSsees2020: Sara Combs rides the wave down to Florida Gulf Coast University

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Sara Combs will be riding the wave all the way down to Florida Gulf Coast University. While this may seem extremely far for some of us, Combs’ family is moving to Florida and will be only three hours away from her new home.

There are amenities that you can’t find in Maryland. “It is right next to the Everglades, and they have 800 acres of wildlife preserve on my campus. There’s also a beach on campus, and when you walk through it, it felt more like a resort than a college campus. Everyone seemed nice, and they wanted to go there.”

Combs plans to major in environmental studies and minor in global studies. While she’s not exactly sure what kind of career she wants to pursue, she knows she wants to work at Disney.

“There is a ride called Living with the Land, and it is a ride where you go through and there is a greenhouse inside where they grow an abundance of plants, and they look at different ways to work with pests and stuff like that.” What girl wouldn’t want to work in Disney? 

While there are many different ways of finding a club in college that is right for you, Combs did it in a very interesting way. While scrolling through Instagram one day, Combs saw a new follower. It was the Florida Gulf Coast Hammock Club, and Combs is all for it.

“It’s kind of a funny story actually, but I want to join the hammock club. It seems like a club where you can just sit around and interact people without having to actually interact with people, I’m pretty excited,” said Combs.

As an active Future Farmers of America member, Combs is looking forward to the food forest. The food forest is a cleared section of the forest that the school has made into a community-grown garden.

To part-take in the garden, you can take as many fruits and vegetables that you want in exchange for volunteer time gardening. Through this experience, Combs hopes to gain skills she can later use to fulfill her aspirations of working at Disney.

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