LHSsees2020: Montanna Hill kicks her way down to Coastal Carolina University


graphics by Devin Barge

Montanna Hill kicks her way down to Coastal Carolina University.

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Montanna Hill will be taking her mad soccer skills to South Carolina and Coastal Carolina University.

While she had many other options to play soccer at she decided to play at Coastal,”I chose Coastal because the team was really welcoming, the coaches were really sweet and welcoming as well.”

Hill will be majoring in Biology.  She is excited to get a good education and still playing the sport that she loves all while being near the beach. She hopes that she can be a nurse practitioner and work at a children’s hospital.

Hill will be rooming with a fellow teammate Mcclain Lodgesom. With the bond of her roommate and teammate Hill will surely be making a friendship that will last a life time.

Coastal Carolina women’s soccer team travels all over the east coast to compete against different colleges. With this in mind Hill has decided that she will be only participating in soccer. “It will take over most of my time.”

Alan Hill, Montanna’s dad, helped her decide which college she wanted to go to, “I was approximately 50% of the decision. I don’t think she would say that, but it was one of my favorite schools. The southern hospitality was great, and you’re only 10 minutes from the beach.”