LHSsees2020: Brianna Scott swoops into Salisbury


Alyssa Mattison

Brianna Scott swoops into Salisbury

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Brianna Scott will be heading to the Eastern shore, to Salisbury University next year.

While she wasn’t quite sure where she wanted to go, she finally narrowed down her decision to Salisbury. “I liked how it is very medium sized, it wasn’t very overwhelming. The people there are very welcoming, and I really liked the campus,” said Scott. 

Scott hasn’t officially decided on a major. She is thinking about communication arts. She is hoping that after she takes a few classes, she will know exactly what she would like to study.

“I’m thinking about joining a sociology club or an art club maybe, but I am also planning on working, so I’m not sure how extracurricular activities will fit in,” said Scott. 

While she may be busy with a job and school, Scott is looking forward to “the freedom. With high school, there is pressure to do extracurriculars, and you are always in school for a certain amount of time, but in colleges you only have a few classes a day, so you can just be more stress-free.”

Scott likes the fact that Salisbury is near the beach, too.  “I just feel really welcomed there.”

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