Are you a Disney freak?


courtesy of Natalie Rebetsky.

A snapshot of the Linganore band’s trip to Disney World.

by Beau Cameron, Editor

Over spring break, the members of the Linganore Band went to the most magical place on Earth. No, I don’t mean Neverland, although the resemblance is striking. Our musically inclined peers journeyed to the house of the mouse- Disney World.

Band student Jacob Smith said, “It’s hard to decide my favorite part of the trip since there were just so many good things.” 

But why is the Disney franchise so popular?

“I think it takes people, including adults, back to their childhood, to their happiest moments. You can see the happiness and magic through your children’s eyes,” said Amy Weaver, long time Disney fan.

“I really like the Disney franchise,” said Smith. “It has made a man out of me.”

Most of us grew up watching Mickey Mouse dance with his friends, or seeing Cinderella swoon over Prince Charming. The world of magic and adventure has been with us all of our lives.

This has created a generation of lifelong fans. Even those who insist that their interest has passed since childhood can be found humming along to ‘Hakuna Matata’ when it begins to play.

Some are more casual fans, but others are die-hard Disney lovers who know even the most obscure trivia.

Weaver said, “If I could had the choice to go anywhere, I would choose to go to Disney World.”

Which type are you? What is the extent of your Disney knowledge? Test it on this Disney quiz to declare yourself a true Disney aficionado.