Advice for what the presidential candidates should be talking about


Victoria Rock

Mrs Hendi dressed up for Halloween and encourages all to vote in the 2016 election.

by Victoria Rock, Reporter

Many of us are frustrated and angry. It’s just a week  to Election Day, and our candidates are more focused on destroying on another’s reputations than discussing real issues.

According to a poll by the American Psychological Association many people that are focused on this election are stressed out.

As a high school student, I know that many of us are excited to start voting, but with voting, there come responsibility. Being in National and Global Issues class has helped some students to understand the issues more clearly.

We have learned that the United States does not exist alone. We are members of a global community. Our president is a symbol of our country, and we choose that person to represent all of us. But…

From the presidential debates I’ve learned that it’s okay to interrupt when some else is talking, to yell at others, to laugh at others, to put others down, to talk about others, and criticize others in a bad way. That’s not much of a positive lesson.

I would like to learn more about problems in our country and how to fix them or even just learn about a plan to fix them. As our presidential candidates are arguing, citizens are worrying about unrest around the world.

Our presidential candidates should be talking about the wars in the Middle East. what should Americans do to help with the wars without getting pulled more deeply into them? What should we support and why? Do you plan to end to War on Terror, and what is your plan?

Along with worrying about Middle East wars, North Korea is another threatening country. What are you going to do as a president to keep us and other countries safe from weapons of mass destruction? Do you plan to bond or create good relationships with leaders around the world? How do you feel about others protecting their countries and your own? If you feel they don’t protect as an Allie what can you do to fix that?

Russia’s actions have also been one of the many reasons the United States has been on edge. Do we trust Russia? How are you going to deal with the recent hacking of national information? What action are you going to take to settle this conflict? Who do you look to for support on the issue?

Citizens perceive that there is a problem with refugees coming to the United States. Many Americans feel that after the terrorist attacks in Paris and other areas, we shouldn’t accept any or few refugees. Some others feel we should extend an open invitation, as we have with many immigrants in the past.

Americans are upset about lack of functional immigration policy and how refugees figure into the debates. Race and ethnicity have been a difficult subject at home and abroad.

The worst part of the presidential campaign is that its isn’t going to be over on November 8th. Whoever wins will inherit a divided county. How do we solve that?